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Travel Tips

When to see wildlife
The best time to see wildlife is during the dry season. This is the time most of the animals will congregate at the drinking points and the vegetation will not be very high so seeing and taking of the pictures will be easy. During the rainy season, the animals tend to leave the park as the grass grows very tall so the tend to scatter out of the park looking for safer areas/places. Although the during the dry season its very dusty, its still the best time as one will not miss the game drive as it is the case during the rainy season when vehicles can get stuck in the mud.

:: Where to find animals
To be named

* Savannas

* Forests

* Mountains




:: How to look

Animals are free to move and may not be where you want them to be. With our expertise and experience, we will be able to guide you to where you can have a perfect view of animals. The following are the best times and places to find animals:

Water: Naturally, animals will stay close to where there is water. As they come to drink water, predators such as Lions, leorards etc will also be attracted by the prey.

Time of Day: The best time to watch animals in the wild is during the early morning. At this time, Nocturnal animals may be returning from hunting. Also at this time, it is not very hot and animals go hunting at this time. During mid-day, most animals take shelter and hide in shrubs and under trees. Late afternoon, animals again start to hunt and activity is high. By sundown, hunting and animal activity is at peak.

Food Sources: As seasons change, so do food availability. During dry season, animals migrate to where there's food availabilty and water.

Weather: This determines animals activity eg. during rain, the swifts move at this time and other insects too. Small animals e.g. jackals also take advantage to feed on insects and rodents.

Guide: With our knowledge and experience, we will guide and lead you to where animals are for we know the link between species and habitat and this means more view for you.


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